Success Stories: a conversation with Jon Dykstra

July 5, 2019

Success Stories: a conversation with Jon Dykstra

Jon Dykstra - Fat Stack Blog

Welcome to the first installment of “Success Stories”, a series I created to try to understand the reasons behind the success of those bloggers who’ve managed to create amazingly successful blogs and at the same time, manged to turn them into valuable passive income sources.

Today, I’m interviewing Jon Dykstra, from Fat Stacks Blog.

The way this works is I send them a Google Form with the question, and they take their time to answer them as detailed as they can. In this, our first instance, Jon decided to cut the cr*p and go straight to the point, so even though his answers have just a few words, they’re loaded with meaning.

Let me show you…

How long have you been blogging for?

8 years full time.

How long did it take you to consider blogging as a main income source?

2 years

What was the first milestone you reached? (was it visits, pages views, monthly income?)

First revenue earned.

What got you there, what did you change from your previous strategy that suddenly made sense?


What would you say is the minimum amount of money you’d recommend someone to invest up-front when starting a blog? (I’m talking about hosting, SEO tools, themes, etc).

$5 per month for hosting. Do not waste money.

When starting from scratch, how long would you say it takes (on average) to start getting constant traffic and eventually income? Is it 6 months without succeeding at any of these a failure?

6 to 12 months

What would be the number one resource you’d recommend to new bloggers trying to make a living out of their passion?

Google as in “Google it” to figure it out.


Like I said, Jon didn’t go into a lot of details on his answers, but we can definitely take what he wrote and conclude some interesting tid-bits of information. And if you’ve been following his blog or go there right now, you’ll get an idea why his testimonial is so relevant (consider how he’s doing 30k a month just from ad revenue, meaning that the traffic his blog gets is probably insane. In fact, you can check his latest income report showing how he made around 44k in a single month)

With that being said, the main takeaways from this answers are (according to me at least):

  1. Going from nothing into a full income-viable blog takes time. There is no magical formula like many other bloggers will claim on their article’s title (i.e “How I managed to get 30k visitors a day after a month of doing this” or “Doing this Pinterest technique, I managed to increase my traffic by a 600% over the past month”). That’s not true and Jon clearly shows that, considering it took him 2 years to fully live out of his blog.
  2. Even getting traffic whether it’s organic, from Pinterest, or any other free source also takes time, you need to keep writing content and waiting for Google and other search engines to notice you.
  3. The idea of blogging for free is fun and interesting, but a lot of people recommend going straight into WordPress and paying the minimum plan.
  4. Finally, “Google it”, that’s one of my favorite comeback lines. Sadly, I barely use it, but learning where to search and how to search for blogging articles it’s definitely a skill that’ll come in very handy.

What are your takewayas from Jon’s answers? Share them in the comments, I’d love to know what you got from his answers. And stay tunned for the next installment of “Success Stories”, where I interview Victoria Sully from .

See you on the next one!

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In this series, I'll be asking successful bloggers some key questions to try to understand the mistery behind their success. If you're just starting this might be a great opportunity to learn from the great ones! Today I'm interviewing Jon Dykstra  from Fat Stack Blogs.