Success Stories: a conversation with Drew Duboff

September 19, 2019

Success Stories: a conversation with Drew Duboff

Drew Duboff

Welcome to a new installment of “Success Stories”, a series I created to try to understand the reasons behind the success of those bloggers who’ve managed to create amazingly successful blogs and at the same time, manged to turn them into valuable passive income sources.

Today, I’m interviewing Drew Duboff, from

The way this works is: I send them a Google Form with the questions, and they take their time to answer them as detailed as they can. In this instance, Drew shared some very interesting insights into his current blogging state, and what he thinks are the key points into getting your blog to grow.

Let’s take a look…

How long have you been blogging for?

Since November 2017

How long did it take you to consider blogging as a main income source?

Main income: March 2018; Primary income: February 2019

What was the first milestone you reached? (was it visits, pages views, monthly income?)

Monthly income: $800/month, which came with my first client

What got you there, what did you change from your previous strategy that suddenly made sense?

The biggest change was actually asking the client if they wanted to work with me. Not all forms of lead generation/client acquisition have to be passive

What would you say is the minimum amount of money you’d recommend someone to invest up-front when starting a blog? (I’m talking about hosting, SEO tools, themes, etc).

I think starting with $1,000 is a great beginning point

When starting from scratch, how long would you say it takes (on average) to start getting constant traffic and eventually income? Is it 6 months without succeeding at any of these a failure?

I see some people starting to make an income after 2 years, so I don’t think failure is correlated with time. I think you can realistically start to see traffic in 1 month and scale it to serious traffic in 1 year (with a lot of effort).

What would be the number one resource you’d recommend to new bloggers trying to make a living out of their passion?

I’d recommend people start freelancing. It’s a great way to learn how bloggers do business so you can replicate those systems in your own business.

Work smart, not hard! Track your time to be productive. As for links:

That was very interesting, for one, Drew’s main focus is growing a business, any business, you can see a lof of interesting case studies over at Drew’s blog. Let’s try to unpack some takeaways from his responses:

  1. Time is not a decisive factor. This is pretty clear if you compare other success stories with this one, you’ll see how while Drew states it took him around one year to get a considerable income, other’s have done so in less time. His approach is different though, instead of getting money from passive income sources such as affiliate marketing or ads, he went after clients to help them grow their busines.
  2. Which takes me to the next takeaway from him: it’s OK to go out and make the deals happen. He went out of his comfort zone and started asking clients if they wanted to work with him. You can also reach out, maybe to brands and offer sponsored articles for example. The phrase passive income is great, but don’t confuse it with inaction, you need to go out there and make things happen!
  3. Learning from others is also a great idea! Working as a freelance writer can get you some extra money while you learn how others approach the business.
  4. Finally, I loved his last words: Work smart, not hard! This is definitely a great advise, planning your work ahead of time will save you … well, time (what did you expect?). But to the point, every blogger who’s been at it for a while would tell you use an editorial calendar, plan your work. Eventually hire others to help you with repetitive tasks (i.e hire a Virtual Assistance to take care of your Pinterest Account, or maybe all your Social Media work… you get the point).

This was a very interesting take on successfull blogging, thanks to Drew for sharing his insight! So, what are your takeaways from Drew’s answers? Share them in the comments, I’d love to know what you took with you from his answers.

See you on the next one!

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In this series, I'll be asking successful bloggers some key questions to try to understand the mistery behind their success. If you're just starting this might be a great opportunity to learn from the great ones! Today I'm interviewing Drew Duboff from