Should I start a blog?

June 5, 2019

Should I start a blog

That question is always nagging the back of our mind, should I start my own blog? Is blogging the right platform to reach my intended audience? Should I instead go to YouTube? Keep reading and I’ll try to help you decide.

Let me give you 10 reasons why starting a blog might be a good idea for you. If none of these resonate with you, bare in mind, you might still need one, you just need to understand the reasoning behind these ideas, that’ll be the key for you to understand whether you should or shouldn’t have your own blog.

#1 Help others

Writing a blog doesn’t have to be an activity you do just for yourself, even if you’re the only one maintaining it. If you find joy in sharing your experience with others, either through insightful posts or replying to their comments to your posts, you’ll be making the world a better place. Helping others is one of the main reasons I’ve always tried to blog, my posts tend to come from personal experience and refer to problems I encountered in the past or insights I gained along the way.

#2 Reach your audience

If you already have an audience, be it for a particular product you sell, a service you provide or maybe you’re just that good of a person and a lot of people tend to follow you on social media because they like the way you think. It doesn’t really matter, the point here is that you managed to get a lot of people to check on you every day. When that’s the case, even though Social Media platforms allow you to stay in touch with them, they’re not that great at letting you share your most profound ideals, your craziest ideas or maybe you went on vacation and felt like sharing the pictures wasn’t enough, you also wanted to let your creativity flow and wrote a story to go with them. Either way, a blog is a great platform to share exactly that with them.

#3 Find new people

Maybe you don’t have an audience, maybe you’re right now trying to create it, you’re reaching out to the void that is the Internet, shouting for anyone to listen, but to no avail. A blogging platform, especially one that is capable of auto-submitting your content to some of the major search engines can give you a jump-start into reaching new people, building, slowly but surely, that audience you were looking for. Depending on whether you’re in a hurry to do so (maybe you’re trying to promote your business) or not and following the same train of thought about indexing your content, you might want to consider paying for ads and traffic from these major search engines. These products can help you kickstart your traffic in the beginning.

#4 Make money

Blogging is not the goldmine some people make it out to be, that’s true, but it’s also true that quite a lot of people earn enough income to leave their secure jobs and focus 100% of their time into blogging. It’s not easy, it’s scary, and if you have no idea what you’re doing, it’s highly not recommended. But that being said, If you’re willing to put the work and the hours you might end up with the results you were expecting. Some of the classic ways to make money through a blog are:

  • Affiliate marketing, where you promote products or services using special links that record referrals.
  • By adding ads to your site, this is especially useful once you generate a high enough daily traffic.
  • By getting known and asked to write guests posts on other blogs. Although you’re not making money directly off of your work on the blog, having killer posts makes other blogs want to have you in and help them drive traffic to their own sites as well. This practice is usually accompanied with a monetary reimbursement to the author.

#5 You love writing

This is just as valid of a reason as anything else inside this list. If you love writing, no matter what about, you should most definitely have a blog. It’ll help you improve the writing you already love so much, if nothing, for the sheer practice you’ll gain by writing posts often. And in the best case possible, you’ll also get great feedback from the comments section.

#6 Establish yourself as a voice in your industry

Writing about the industry you belong to and making sure your content is getting through to people is the perfect opportunity for others to get to know you. If you’re providing advice or sharing your knowledge somehow through your blog, then you may become the person everyone is looking for when it comes to making an informed decision.

#7 It’s an opportunity to practice a second language

This one might be a scary one, but writing in a language that is not your own will definitely help you improve it. Just make sure you’re getting some help, at least at the beginning. That help can be in the form of a friend double checking your spelling and grammar, or using a word editor that takes care of most of that for you. There are other tools out there that will also help you in this task, such as ProWritingAid and Grammarly, they will both try to review your content and not just correct mechanical grammatical errors, but they’ll also take a look a the form and complexity of your sentences. They’re great resources if you’re just starting and aren’t that confident if your own writing skills.

#8 You’ll learn ‘web skillz’

Maintaining a blog on your own is definitely something that will impart knowledge of the web upon you, whether you want it or not, you can’t survive the process without it. And that’s not a bad thing, don’t let the idea of getting a bit technical scare you! Web content is something we deal on a day to day basis, sometimes without even realizing we’re surfing the web. I find it great when non-technical people (or as I like to call them: muggles) know a thing or two about how the web works, it gives them a pick behind the proverbial curtains, but without being so overwhelmingly heavy as a Computer Science course. Having a blog means you’ll most likely, at one point or another, have to deal with:

  • Image formatting / Image editing
  • HTML & CSS tweaks
  • JS code snippets

#9 It’ll open up job opportunities

Getting a book deal, finding extra work as a guest writer, even getting contacted by future employers because they saw your work online and want to have a talk. Those are all very real possibilities and they all are at the reach of your fingers, for practically no money, just your time and your willingness to put yourself out there.

#10 Complete control over your lifestyle

Last but certainly not least, if you manage make blogging a central part of your life (ideally, the part that includes the main income), you’re suddenly free to work from wherever you want. No need to be restricted to a city because the company you work for only has offices there. Forget about commute times, and for that matter, forget about the 9-5 or whatever is the working day schedule in your country, just pick when to work and where to work from, and do it. Now, a word of advice, take it from someone who works remotely every day and has done so for the past few days, having a routine helps, it doesn’t have to be the old one, you don’t have to wake up at 5am every day, just to follow a plan, but having a routine helps your mind get into the zone faster, and it helps you organize your day better as well.

And finally

That is it for this post here at My Writing Corner, I hope you found it interesting and that with these 10 reasons, you’ve gained some insight into whether or not you should create your own blog. Now, if you don’t mind, please feel free to leave a comment below and to share this post in your favorite social media site. Help spread the word and help others make the decision as well!

Looking to start a blog?

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See you on the next one!

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