My 5 Best Tips to Stay Motivated

August 10, 2019

5 Best Tips to Stay Motivated

Coming back to your blog a couple of days after launch and write a new blog post is easy, but coming back after 3 months of writing non-stop with very little actual results, that’s not easy, not at all.

In fact, motivation is a big issue on any long-term practice, there are days that you won’t have that inner strength to sit down and write that blog post you thought about so long ago, but then again, successful bloggers still find a way to do it. How are they doing that?

Answer: they’ve learned how to find motivation when it’s not coming naturally

And because this is such a personal thing to do, there is no real fail-safe formula, so instead, what I’m going to share here is what I normally do to find motivation for writing.

This is what I normally do:

1. Think about the Endgame

No, I’m not talking about the latest Avengers movie (although if you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend you do so), but instead, I’m thinking about the reason why I started my blog and how I picture it in my mind.

I personally started this blog to eventually have a substantial passive income source. That is not something that happens from day one, so I’m working towards it day by day. And there are times where I struggle to do my chores, write my articles, even though they’re already planned. I struggle to jump into Pinterest and do my re-pinning or logging into Twitter to promote my posts. It’s hard, but I try to picture myself having this substantial extra income source, and I find the strength I’m looking for.

Maybe for you, it’s something different, but you’re doing this for a reason, use that reason as your motivation, consider that by sitting and in front of your computer and writing that article you’re taking one step closer towards that final goal.

2. Reset your mind

Sometimes it’s not about not being motivated, but instead, it’s about finding a way to focus. Live can be busy sometimes, you could’ve had a super busy day, dealing with work, then getting home, maybe having to deal with cooking dinner, maybe you’re not alone, maybe you’re interacting with your significant other, a friend, kids, who knows. Whatever it is, your mind is racing and you need to sit down in front of an empty white document and start writing, but instead of that, you’re distracted and jump into Facebook, then it’s Youtube, and the next thing you remember is tweeting your best friend a link for the latest Avengers trailer, yet your white document still remains empty. And the blinking cursor is there, looking at you, with a slight smirk on its face.

You need to reset, just like you do with your phone or your computer when things don’t work you need to hit the reset button. For you it might be anything, going on a run, taking a quick nap, even maybe getting a nice, refreshing cup of joe, whatever it is, that might be exactly what you need to slow your mind down, and help you focus. In my case, my reset button is taking a bath. I know, it probably sounds silly, but that process not only allows me to stop my mind from going everywhere, it also helps me to start brainstorming ideas for the article.

3. Find your writing spot

The environment where you work influences your motivation just as much as anything else. Even if you’re not paying special attention to it, your subconscious mind is, and it’ll start pouring into your conscient writing without you noticing it. Find your spot, maybe it’s next to a window so you can look outside from time to time, maybe it’s close to the fireplace during cold winter days. Whatever works for you, just follow your gut, try different spots, even leave your house or your normal writing place and try to find a better one if possible.

Writing in a place that makes you happy will improve your mood, it’ll help you internally associate writing with a nice experience and thus, you’ll be able to find motivation a lot easier.

4. Find the right type of background noise for you

You need to focus as I mentioned above, but sometimes it’s not about your mind not being able to, but rather the environment not letting you. What do I mean by this? Maybe going to write to a busy Starbucks it not ideal, since the noise from the crowd will keep distracting you and maybe you’ll pick up conversations from the ones closest to you. If you’re a parent, maybe sitting to write in the same room your kids are playing would not be ideal. Wherever your writing spot is, try to have the right environmental sounds to help you focus. Some people like it quite so they’ll rather be on a place with no sounds, some others like to have music in the background, it can be heavy metal, classic or rap, whatever you like, just create a playlist for your writing days.

If you do enjoy having some noise in the background, I would recommend picking those without actual human voices in it. In other words, if you’re listening to music, make sure it has no lyrics, that would help you hear your inner voice while writing and reading what you write. It’ll also keep you from having part of your mind focusing on the lyrics and maybe even spending some mental focus into singing along. Even if you’re not thinking about it, if you’re doing or listening to something else while you’re writing, then part of your mind power is going there instead of towards your current task.

5. Look for writing prompts

Finally, it might not be a matter of not being motivated to write (as in writing in general), maybe you’re just not motivated to write about the topic you thought about and had planned for this week. Maybe the idea you had for the article is not that appealing right now. A good technique I like to use to break through that is to find a writing prompt that I find interesting. Maybe it’s about using a particular word 6 times total, maybe it’s about writing with humor and turning your informational article into a funny story.

Whatever it is, just find one that resonates with you and with the topic you wanted to write about. It doesn’t have to necessarily make it better or more likable for other readers, but if it makes it fun and interesting for you to write it, then it’s already a win!

Final thoughts

These are the tricks I normally use to motivate myself to write whenever I find it hard to sit down and type words that make sense. What are yours tips for getting motivated? Do you even need them? Do you already use one of mine?

Let me know down in the comments, I’d love to know!

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